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Seeds Milestone and Quality Time manager allows new and existing parents to understand and evaluate their child’s development, quality time spent as a family, and more. If you are a parent who finds themselves asking “At what age should my child be crawling, walking or talking” or “How much time does my child spend reading a book in a week?” then Seeds is the perfect app for you. The milestones available in Seeds covers a wide range of ages and have been researched to ensure their accuracy. Seeds will additionally  compare your child’s performance to that of the average child and grade them accordingly so you can see how they are performing. Seeds will give you the tools you need to evaluate what support your child may need and what quality time you can spend with them to ensure your little seed grows!



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 Evaluate what developmental milestones your child has reached in relation to the average child. Perhaps your child has reached a few earlier than expected – congratulations! Perhaps your child is struggling in reaching a specific milestone or two and needs additional support and targeted quality time. With Seeds Milestone summary view, you can easily see where your child stands.These milestones are researched and published by the Centre for Disease Control* and cover a wide variety of age groups.

* The CDC is not affiliated with Seeds or antiWare. The CDC results represent the typical milestone completion dates as researched in the United States

“My child was struggling in learning to speak. I was unsure if it was normal or not, but with the Seeds app, I knew it was time to investigate and see her doctor. It turned out she had some hearing issues that I would not have been aware of if your app hadn’t alerted me that she was 5 months overdue. Thank you so much!”

— Anonymous User

8f9df8_8385d409dc204c0582fe4b332d24f3af.jpeg_srz_p_190_336_75_22_0.50_1.20_0+ Quality Time Manager

 Seeds allows you to monitor how much Quality Time you are spending with your child. Be it running, playing, reading, talking or any other activity – Quality Time with your child is the best way to ensure they reach their target milestones and develop a warm and trusting relationship with you. With Seeds you can easily add new quality time with your child and see at a glance if you are spending a well balanced and positive amount of time with your child. Seeds will parse out any quality time you spend into categories so that you can see the balance of Cognitive activities (thinking), Language development, Emotional, Artisitc, Motor (fine motor, such as using a pencil and Gross Motor, such as running and co-ordination) as well as Fun time (never underestimate the power of Fun!)

“I thought I was doing great, I spent at least 30 minutes reading with my child every night and another 20 minutes playing, but with Seeds, I clearly saw that we never spent any time painting or drawing. Thank you Seeds, now I have some new art on the fridge and my son is excited about art now!”

— H. Johnson (App User)

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 While no two children are identical, there do exist averages and trends in what age a child will reach a developmental milestone (give or take a month or two). What happens if your child reaches them continuously early or late by a significant amount? This child may have special needs. Although Seeds cannot offer any advice on handling special needs children (see your doctor), Seeds does however allow you to add a ‘buffer’ to the milestone completion age so that your child’s score is not continuously inflated or punished. Apply the buffer (perhaps your child needs 4 months on average instead of the expected 1 or 2) so that their score is recalculated with a larger buffer. Each child is important and should feel proud in their accomplishments. The Special Needs buffer protects you and your child’s self-esteem while still keeping it’s mission intact.

 “My child was diagnosed as ‘Special Needs’ and I was sick of seeing how ‘below average’ she always was on every statistic I ever saw. I know she needs help, but I am sick of seeing it thrown in my face all the time. Seeds allowed me to add extra padding to her score so I could see how she was growing on her own terms. Sometimes she is ahead of what the doctors thought, sometimes not, but now, with your app, I am able to proudly and accurately see her growth on her own terms! A great idea that other apps and websites lack. Really a great idea”

— M. Winston (App User)


By Knock Off Nerd